The gift of youth – genetics makes it finally possible!

So far, you have tried creams and lotions of different brands, ingredients and price ranges, yet not a single cosmetic product had the desired effect on your skin. Luckily, we found the right solution. Welcome to a new era in dermal cosmetics – the genocosmetics.

Owing to the discovery of the human genome and the advancement of modern methods of analysis, we now have the ability to gain insight into your genetic profile and create personalized cosmetics that best suit your skin. It only requires taking a sample of the mucosa and sending it for testing. After the results arrive, we create cosmetic products which suit individual skin features by choosing and combining appropriate active ingredients in accurate concentrations.

The history of solutions to skin aging

It is considered that the human desire for longevity, health improvement, and eternal youth and beauty are particular to the 21st century. Is it really so? Already Cleopatra bathed daily in milk and honey to keep her skin smooth and luminous and Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Grey let his portrait age, while he remained young and beautiful.

This human desire hasn’t changed. The baths were only replaced by botox, fillers and different anti-aging creams. Your skin is not the same in your 20s as in your 30s, 40s and 50s. Creams appropriate for the skin in its 20s are not and cannot be the same ones we use in our 50s. Even age-appropriate creams don’t necessarily cater to everyone, no matter how expensive they are.

Why should each cream’s ingredients be unique?

Recent scientific research shows that 60 percent of the most relevant factors affecting skin aging are determined by our genes, our unique DNA. Around 1.500 genes take part in the process of skin aging and they are responsible for preserving moisture, texture, elasticity, antioxidative capacity and sensitivity of the skin to external factors. A lesser percentage of the factors, 40 percent, refer to our lifestyle, diet, environment and life habits.

In other words, the same way they define our eye or skin color, genes determine the natural aging process. Therefore, custom-made genetic tests, creams and lotions save time and money. Only creams designed after your genetic type can really avoid the signs of aging and make the skin look healthy, beautiful and youthful.

Creams designed upon your genetic code

New individualized DNA tests analyze genetic variations associated with accelerated skin aging. These key categories connected to skin aging have been pointed out:

  • hydration
  • formation and degradation of collagen
  • glycation – onset of wrinkles (ability to metabolize sugar)
  • proneness of the skin to irritation and inflammation
  • oxidative stress
  • UV skin protection
  • Q10 activity
  • selenium needs

Based on genetic testing, skin care adapts to each and every individual genetic profile. Custom-made products are made to match your skin the most.

Personalized products do not only consider genetic flaws and advantages. They also regard that some micronutrients, such as vitamin D and selenium, cannot enter through the skin. The technology of microtransporters enables their gradual release in the intestines throughout the day. Nutrients that can be absorbed through the skin are embedded into liposomes, which makes them more retrievable.

Advantages of the program:

  • identifying and neutralizing genetic weaknesses
  • using organism’s personal resources
  • defining the right dose of ingredients
  • optimal substance intake through skin
  • optimal substance intake through nutrition
  • tackling internal and external signs of aging simultaneously


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