STEP 1: Make Beauty Sensor test

Tests can detect individual causes of skin aging

Aging, especially of the skin, has a variety of different causing factors. Very often, the signs of aging vary significantly between persons exposed to same environmental factors. The reason why the same factors influence each individual differently rests on genetic variety. Therefore, we offer you a carefully designed program to determine your genetic profile. The ultimate goal of the program is to define the status of your anti-aging genes through our lab analysis, and identify your genetic strengths and weaknesses.

Based on your unique results, personalized cosmetics suited to your genes can be created. It will utilize the power of your own organism and neutralize weaknesses that affect skin aging. Above all, the analysis and definition of the genetic profile will show which nutrients are suit the needs of your skin and in which quantities.

Genes influence the following aspects of skin aging:

  • oxidative stress
  • UV skin protection
  • skin hydration
  • formation and degradation of collagen
  • selenium needs
  • Q10 activity
  • your biological age
  • inflammatory reactions

The testing process starts with consultations. The following step is taking a sample of the mucosa, and the client fills out a question-form. The sample is sent to the laboratory for the analysis and two to four weeks later, the results arrive in both written and digital form. Based on your results and genetic profile, we start the process of creating the serum and lotion tailored to suit you.

If you wish to see an example of the results, please enter your email to receive a sample version.

STEP 2: Order personalized cosmetics

First personalized cosmetics – designed after your genetic type (profile)

Owing to the accomplishments in the analysis of the human genome, we can now identify genetic variations in individuals, determine the influence of genetics on their skin and create specialized cosmetic products.

After analyzing your genes, we prepare a day and night cream, as well as a lotion, entirely based on the needs of your skin. We are able to create personalized cosmetic products which will contain the very nutritive ingredients essential for your skin type, that is, your specified genetic profile.

With BeautyMe, you can finally stop spending money on cosmetics with no positive effect on wrinkles, dry, inflamed or tired skin. With the help of advanced technology and precisely defined active ingredients, your personalized cream and lotion will provide the skin with exactly what it needs – moisture, collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other nutrients. Furthermore, BeautyMe cosmetics have a much larger concentration of nutrients than many other conventional cosmetic preparations.

Gen-Serum Day – day cream

The serum contains a high level of active protective substances tailored to your genes needed by the skin of your face and neck. It is applied in the morning as a base cream. After the application of the serum you can continue with your regular beauty routine.

Gen-Serum Night – night cream

This serum contains a high level of regenerative active ingredients defined by your genes for the skin of your face and neck. It is applied in the evening as a night cream, protecting the skin and repairing it from the impact of damaging elements experienced during the day.

Gen-Lotion – body lotion

The lotion is rich with lipids and has a high level of precisely defined nutritive substances chosen for your skin. The lotion protects and renews your whole skin. It is suitable for evening or morning application.


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